More baby shower stuff

Ok this is the last baby shower post. I’m going to cover the invitations, banner and photo collage centerpiece, in that order.

invitation 3

The invitations were quite simple to make. I used Pages on my MacBook and set the page size to 4×6. The font I used was chalkboard. I printed those out on white card stock then I took my scallop craft scissors and cut out the background on purple card stock to about 5×7.

invitation bee
I found this cute little bee drawing online, re colored in yellow and cut out. I attached it to the invitation using 3D mounting squares. I love those little squares. They create the perfect 3D appearance. I punched two small wholes at the top left corner and used lavender and yellow ribbon to make a bow. Then my invitation was all ready and fit perfectly into a white 5×7 envelop.
baby shower banner
I wanted to make the banner similar to the invitation so there would be a cohesive look. In Pages I used font cochin size 350 for all the letters. I printed those on lavender card stock and since I don’t have a cutting machine I cut out each letter by hand because at first I wanted to use those same mounting squares to make the letters pop. However that didn’t work out and I ended up gluing all of the letters I cut by hand to the yellow card stock (not smart, I know). In the future I will just print the letters directly on the background.
I cut the yellow card stock to 4×4 3/4 inches and lavender card stock to 6×5 3/4 inches. I glued the letters to the yellow card stock then that to lavender card stock. Then I cut the edge of the lavender with scallop craft scissors.
Then I used the same bee printout to make a flower and a break in the banner.
Then I punched two holes along each letter and strung all the letter with twine.
And lastly I knew I wanted to do something with Ramon and Tricia’s old baby photos so I created this center piece collage.
photo collage centerpiece
To make the center piece I took these two old frames from my parents garage.
And grabbed this can of spray paint.
Then I removed the mats and pictures and painted the frames. I did two coats waiting about 10 minutes between coats.
The next day I added these super cute baby pictures.
photo 2
photo 1
And placed them on the table like so.
And I’m done. Next up I might talk about our newly organized garage, or all the cool new camping products I’ve gotten, or maybe I’ll pull out my juicer that’s been in hiding. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “More baby shower stuff

  1. You sure worked hard and the whole thing turned out so beautiful thanks for all of your hard work, you are so talented. Can’t wait to read about the camping.

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