About Us

_MG_2469The Silberez Life chronicles the daily happenings of Elena and Dan, a very happily married couple living in the burbs with somewhat of a unique story. Elena is from the very beautiful and ghetto fabulous Oakland (Oaktown, what up) and Dan hails from…Concord. Somehow their worlds crashed and Dan convinced Elena, with a shiny object, to marry him. They moved into their dream home one and a half years ago.

Dan is consumed by his infatuation with sneakers (Jordan’s mostly) and Elena’s interests and goals change with the wind from wanting to organize everything, clean, decorate, exercise, travel and cook. ย And now this blog reflects all of that.

And no, their last name is not Silberez, although Elena thinks that would be cool. It’s a combination of their last names, Silberman and Ramirez.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. So far Elena and Dan look happy? The picture of the happy couple is the best I will continue to view this blog to insure my baby girl is happy! I like hearing about the Jordans sure you have enough storage space for all those glorious shoes? This is going to be a fabulous story so I will look forward to each day as this story of the Silberez family contiues.

  2. Wow guys!!! I’m looking forward to future posts on your blog… BTW I love the photo you have on your About Us page ๐Ÿ™‚

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