I’m back! Now that it’s officially been one year since my last post I thought I would check in. So, what have I been doing? A LOT! It’s amazing once you stop blogging how much time you have. I remember when I first started, I read a lot of posts that talked about why people stop blogging within their first year and the number one reason was the time commitment. At the time, I thought, “what time commitment, it’s just writing.” Oh how my thoughts quickly changed.

Writing one post alone could take me an hour or two. And then there’s the time it takes to take pictures, edit them, and then upload. And then promote your blog/post on various social media sites, and participate in blog hops/parties. It got exhausting and I forgot why started blogging in the first place.

So I had to get back in tune and remind myself what it was about this blog that I really liked.

1) Writing is a creative outlet for me. A lot of times it’s easier for me to put “on paper” what I really want to say and feel.

2) I love taking pictures! I always have. When I was younger I worked at the Picture People for two years and I loved it. Even while dealing with all the screaming and snot filled kids and the dog that peed on me during a shoot, it was still really fun.

3) Having a blog is like having a journal. It helps me preserve and cherish memories. And for what I blog about, it’s also a practical tool that reminds me how I did something.

So how often will I be writing? I’m going to keep it simple and aim for about once a week. I’ll write about the same stuff I was writing about before (home decor, organization, crafts…) but I’m also excited to have a new topic to write about – my Etsy shop! I think I had mentioned in a couple posts last year that I had been thinking about opening one. Well, I finally did two months ago. I really really like it. Not that I’m selling like crazy. Although I have had more sales than I anticipated. But it has encouraged and motivated me to really start thinking outside the box in terms of my creativity, passion, and goals. So go check out the shop (Silberez Creations) if you haven’t already. I appreciate any and all feedback and constructive criticism.

I look forward to writing more and posting pictures in the coming weeks.