Stenciled burlap table runner

stenciled burlap table runner

Ever since we got our dining room table it’s been bare. I haven’t wanted to cover it with a table cloth because I love the look of the wood but I have wanted to at least find a runner; this would dress up the table a little and provide some protection from food and such in the middle. The problem is our table is almost 7 feet long. Most runners I found were either too short or too expensive. So I decided I would create my own.

As usual, I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration. I found this blog post from Gloriously Made which used burlap and ribbon. I really like the idea of burlap but I couldn’t find a particular ribbon that I liked so I decided I would stencil a border instead.

Here are the materials I used:

  • 1 ten foot burlap runner from Michaels (cut down to 100 inches)
  • Martha Stewart satin paints: carrot, pool, and lake fog
  • Tear off paper palette
  • Martha Stewart birds and berries stencil pack
  • Set of stencil foam brushes
  • Tape


I already had two of the paint colors; lake fog and pool and the paper palette so all I had to purchase was the brushes, runner and stencil pack. Now, this was my first stencil on fabric project so there was a bit of a learning curve but ultimately this is the technique that worked best for me.

I began with placing a barrier between the burlap and table (I just used a cut up brown paper bag). Then I taped down the stencil.


I added the color I wanted to the palette then swirled my brush over until it was evenly covered.



Then I dabbed inside the stencil until everything was evenly coated.



I repeated this process for the rest of the runner.

IMG_0546 IMG_0547


Although the process was fairly simple, it was time consuming. I spread the work out over two nights and all in all it took 3 – 4 hours. But it was so worth it. I love how this runner turned out.


The main reason I got started on this project was because we were having a raclette party to celebrate my dad’s (belated) 60th. So I played around with the place setting.



So what do you think? Are you ready to go out and stencil something? Now I keep looking around the house for what other stenciling projects I can do.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with some pictures from the raclette party.

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26 thoughts on “Stenciled burlap table runner

  1. wow what a homemaker you have become, remember the last thing you wanted was to make something yourself. Well you have come a long way baby and I am so so proud of you! Your table presentation looks so fantastic!

  2. Wow Elena, your unstoppable your table runner looks awesome! Keep sharing all your fun activities, were having fun watching you become the next Ms. Martha Stewart. 😀

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