A Baby Shower with a Surprise Wedding Part 1

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Are you ready for a great story? This is one of the best stories ever. But you only get to hear about the first part today. So here goes.

Two and a half months ago, my brother, Ramon, and his then girlfriend Tricia asked if they could have their baby shower at our house. I love parties, I love those two and I already loved their little bundle to be, so I was excited to host, along with my mom.

Since Ramon and Tricia live in LA but both their friends and family are in the Bay Area, I knew this party was going to be a bit of a stretch. What would typically be maybe two separate showers, was to be one big one, with ultimately over 130 people invited.

My house is big…ish. My backyard is not, but we can and have gotten a lot of people back there. And this time I was determined to get even more back there, comfortably.

So the planning began. We got the theme, colors, menu, sent out invitations etc…We were on a roll.

And then a few weeks into the party planning I got a call from my brother and Tricia asking what we thought about having a wedding in the backyard on that same day. I initially started laughing because I thought they were kidding. They assured me it wasn’t a joke and that they would also like for me to officiate the wedding and they wanted it to be a surprise for the guests. First I was shocked, then I was happy for them, and then I was nervous for me. Would I be able to handle hosting a baby shower and officiating a wedding on the same day? Or would I fall apart? But it didn’t take long for me to accept with great honor and thrill because I have a great family that I knew would help a lot along the way. And in the end it was so so worth it.

My brother and Tricia stayed with us Thursday and Friday night and we had a nice time catching up and casually doing things for the party. My mom and I had done a lot the previous weekend so a lot of the setup was already completed.

Saturday morning was filled with prepping for the wedding ceremony part, picking up the food and setting up the backyard. By 1 pm, the house was ready for all of the 80 confirmed guests.

Through the entryway guests were greeted and asked to write their well wishes for the couple and pin them to the tree.

To the right was the gift station which also had all the favors.
Down the hall to the left was the cake/cupcake station adorned with paper pom poms and a banner.
IMG_0403IMG_0407 IMG_0408
One of the favorites on the table was definitely the beehive cake made by my mom.
IMG_0410 IMG_0409
Off to the right on the dining table was a baby picture center piece which included a photo collage of both Tricia and Ramon as babies.
IMG_0414photo 2 photo 1
Along the stairs, I decorated the rail with Ramon and Tricia’s recent maternity photos.
Before going outside, we setup a mama-to-be tea area with iced tea and scones.
Outside we kept the decorations simple with twine wrapped flower center pieces.
IMG_0382 IMG_0378 IMG_0376IMG_0386 IMG_0374
Now that you’ve seen what the setup looked like, aren’t you excited to come back and hear about the rest and best part of the day? I’ll be back on Friday to finish the story!

10 thoughts on “A Baby Shower with a Surprise Wedding Part 1

  1. OMG Elena!, What a day. You did a Fabulous job, I’m so proud of you. We all enjoy seeing Ramon and Tricia. The two proud parents to be look so happy, And we are very happy for them. We look forward meeting Little Julianna Bee, can’t wait to see the bundle of joy come into this world of ours, Julianna has a lot to look forward meeting her big family. We bless Ramon and Tricia with joy of happiness.
    Job well done!

  2. Wow what are we celebrating soon? Elena you truly know what you are doing in the party planning and throwing department. Not to mention what great pictures you took. So wonderful to relive the event so soon. What a beautiful day we all shared and You pulled off a great surprise! Ya both Ramon and Tricia looked so happy and think we got to help with some of that happiness! You are a beautiful daughter, thanks

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