Another year older

Not me.  I  turned 30 in June and I intend to stay that age for the next few years. Dan, however, is free to continue aging. In fact, I love it. The older he gets, the younger I feel. Thanks baby. So with much pleasure on my part, I’d like to say happy birthday to my beloved husband! My big love muffin turns 35 today. With all joking aside (at least for a little bit) I’d like to tell you a little bit about the man I love.

Dan is a kind hearted person with a gentle soul. He’s easy to be around and will just go with the flow. Some will say he’s on the quiet side, but start talking about a topic he loves (ahem football) and you may not be able to get a word in. He’s so loving and sweet and really is my perfect counterpart. He puts up with me and the things I make him do for my own amusement, like this


and this


and this


and this.


He takes risks like this


and still manages a smile when things don’t go so well.


He looks forward to our Halloween costumes.

IMG_4428 IMG_0626


He’s amazing on the piano.


He loves a good game night.


He loves beanies and actually wears the ones I make him.


Football is his passion. He’s currently 6 – 0 in his fantasy league #proudwife

IMG_0973 IMG_0987 IMG_0366

He plans amazing birthday weekends.

IMG_1852 IMG_1878

When things like this happen…


he steps in to protect me.


And last but certainly not least, he’s just so devastatingly handsome.


Happy birthday Dan. I love you and appreciate you so much!


5 thoughts on “Another year older

  1. First Happy Birthday Dan!!!!! Now Elena this is the best birthday card ever look out Hallmark! 35 is a great reflection age so if you see Dan looking into space with his eyes closed don’t worry he is just reflecting. You two always give us an excuse to throw a party! Ya hoo for the party people. Dan you are much loved have a great celebration!

  2. Happy Birthday Dan! Boy your catching up to us.:0 Elena, you two are bless to have each other. The two of you seem to be very happy and comfortable with each other and that’s what matters in a relationship. We wish you many more fun and happy life’s together. We love you both!

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