Crocheted dishcloths

******************9/1/14 update: My etsy shop is open! Check out Silberez Creations! ***********************


Have you checked out Rachel’s blog over at Useful Beautiful Home? I kind of really like it. She writes about organization and home decor and she works in healthcare, kind of like…me! Maybe that’s why I like her =) Recently she decided to  write for 31 days straight on the topic of creating a healthy home. I really admire her blog writing tenacity. I couldn’t do it, obviously, this is my first post in over a week.

But back to why I’m mentioning Rachel’s blog. One of her recent posts, The Dish on Dish Washing, really got me rethinking  our use of sponges. I’ve wanted to try out crocheted dishcloths for some time now. They seem to be more efficient, inexpensive, reusable, and more hygienic (if replaced often). This post was the final push I needed. After I read it, I went to work and started crocheting.


I made seven in total, one for each day, and different colors. I told Dan (the Silberez household master dishwasher) that a new dishcloth in a different color everyday would make dishwashing more exciting. He looked at me like I was crazy. Secretly though, I think he is excited. I’m sure he’ll be going to bed wondering what color will I get tomorrow?! 


The pattern I used for the dishcloth is really simple. I got my inspiration from this post over at Design Sponge.  Using a 3.5 mm hook, and 100% cotton yarn, chain 34, work a half double crochet in the third chain and continue all the way down to the end. Chain two and then finish the row with half double crochet, going through the back loops only. Working through the back loops only gives that ribbed look and adds nice texture, perfect for scrubbing dishes. I found 16 rows to be perfect. The finished dishcloth measures about a 7 inch square.


If you like what you see here, you can purchase them in my Etsy shop. Kidding. I don’t have one. But I am thinking about starting one if there’s any interest. Here are some links to past posts that contain handmade items by me, that I may consider putting on Etsy.

************9/1/14 UPDATE: My Etsy shop is now open! Check out Silberez Creations!******************

Napkins and towels

Table runner

Pillow cover

Let me know what you think!

crocheted dish cloths


11 thoughts on “Crocheted dishcloths

  1. I love what your doing Elena. Beautiful color by the way! Was Dan excited the next day to figure out which color he was going to use for that evening. haha.

  2. In the past two days I crocheted TWO dishcloths out of variegated cotton yarn (2 oz. skein). After I finished the first one, I asked a friend w/ a postage machine to weigh the remaining yarn to see if I had at least a 1/2 skein left. Yep, just over 1 oz. so I did the second one (I didn’t want to start crocheting and find out I was two rows short). I have just a small amount left so I’m going to look for a pattern for crocheting a facial scrubbie. THANKS for the pattern! It’s been years since I crocheted. I like the 1/2 DC and the “ridges” that result from only catching the back loops. Next time I might use a slightly bigger hook, but then I probably wouldn’t be able to get two dishcloths from a skein of yard.

    • Thanks for sharing! The cotton yarn seems to go a long way. A larger hook is a little more comfortable to work with but I always end up going back to the smaller one because I like the tighter stitch. Facial scrubbies are the perfect thing to make with leftover cotton yarn. Thanks for the reminder!

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