Fall Tablescape

Our dining room sure has come a long ways. Remember when it started out like this?


Then we kicked out that little table, well actually we just moved it to another room and got this new table.


Then we got some chairs.


Then I made this burlap table runner.


And now it’s all ready for fall.

fall tablescape 6 fall tablescape 5

I really wanted to keep things simple and use what I already had on hand. The only purchases I made were the pumpkins, which were a dollar each and the fabric for the napkins which was only $10.

fall tablescape 4 fall tablescape 2

Here are the napkins I made over the weekend.

fall table scape 1 fall tablescape 10

fall tablescape 9

The vase and candle holders were a lucky find from a box at Dan’s parents house, filled with some of his old stuff. I love being able to repurpose old things. It’s so gratifying…and free.

fall tablescape 8 fall tablescape 7

What do you think? I think now all I need is a meal on this table. I haven’t been much into cooking lately so I’m looking for some inspiration. What are you favorite fall foods/recipes? Or maybe you want to come over and cook? I’ll provide the pleasurable dining atmosphere if you provide the food =)


8 thoughts on “Fall Tablescape

  1. hmm, well a nice autumn soup such as butternut squash with some warm sourdough bread add butter and we are set to start off a great meal. Looks great Elena love all you have done! So proud of you!

  2. You have such a nice dining room from what I can see. Looks so neat and very welcoming. Love your table, table scape, napkins and especially the table runner. I’m just a table runner nut. Love the images you stenciled on your runner. It looks so cheerful and colorful. How about we’ll bring the turkey? I don’t cook but hubs does. I cook but not big meals like Thanksgiving, not if you want to eat sometime in Nov. lol. Hubs has done the cooking for years at our house. I do the cleaning up and supervising, lol. Enjoy your weekend.

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