A Faux Mantel

fall vignette

I call this our faux mantel because we don’t have a fireplace. When our house was being built, the fireplace was a $2,000 option. And the location of the fireplace would have cut into the only logical place for the TV. If we chose not to have it, not only would we save money (which I love) but we would also gain space for a larger TV (which Dan loves). Naturally, we decided to forgo the fireplace.

With that being said though, there is something about a fireplace that makes a house feel like a home. It adds warmth, charm and character. Hoping to incorporate those elements, we created a cozy little sitting area in our family room. The idea behind this area was, if we had a fireplace, that is where we would have wanted it to be. It has two comfy chairs, a side table and three floating shelves, which act as the mantel.

This is one of the areas I like to decorate as the seasons change. Although the last season I decorated for was Christmas, so I guess I’m a little behind schedule. What really made me decide that I needed to revisit this area were those frames.  Those two frames had been sitting up there for months with the original picture they came with from the store. Shockingly, only one person noticed this in that time frame. So I decided to finally get something in there. I wanted to keep things simple and not have to buy anything so I just shopped my own house. I had some leftover fabric from my fall pillows so I used the brown pattern in the large frame. For the smaller frame, I decided to pull out my stencils and some paint.


IMG_0993 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0996 IMG_0997IMG_1052

The pumpkins I found in the dollar section at Target.


And the hurricane candle holder and gold glittered bowl I made last Christmas.


IMG_1045 IMG_1049 IMG_1042

So how’s your fall decor coming along? Ever leave the original pictures in store bought frames? I didn’t think it was that bad actually…

17 thoughts on “A Faux Mantel

  1. I love how you have impacted so much of the season in a small area, truly a lot of talent in those little hands of yours! As you know my decorating for fall is all Halloween. I admire your eye for the right style! And I love how you shopped at home everything you have is a treasure!

  2. Love what you did with your wonderful frames. Can you please tell me where you got those stencils you used for the Fall frame? They look so useful for many ideas. You did great things with your shelf.
    We don’t have a fireplace but hubs made a shutter shelf for me I have much fun styling.
    I hope Target has some of those shiny pumpkins left when I go on Wed. (wed. is our SS payday). I got some cute ceramic pumpkins at $tree last month.
    Please let me know about the stencils @FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com, I’d so appreciate it. Happy week. Loved your hurricane candle arrangement also.

    • Thank you for your nice note! The stencils are Martha Stewart from Michaels but I’ve seen them at Joanns also. Oh and the dollar tree is one of my favorite stores!

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