A new baby and her blanket

This past weekend we got to visit our new niece Juliana (Juju). If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen a few of these pictures.

The proud parents and their favorite team.


Dan and Juju.

photo 1

Me and Juju.

photo 3

Juju in her new hat which I actually brought home so I could finish it.

photo 2

Isn’t she just so precious?  She’s such a good baby and she has two really great parents who adore her and seem to be falling into this parenthood thing quite well.

Another thing I was happy to check out while we were visiting was Juju’s baby blanket. I had made it and given it to Tricia and Ramon at the shower in July but I never took final measurements and I couldn’t remember the stitches I used.

juju blanket big

When it came to making this blanket, I was very happy that Tricia preferred little to no pink. It’s actually quite hard to find a girls baby blanket that doesn’t have any pink in it. Of course there’s nothing wrong with pink but I think using other soft pastels can create a beautiful and unique look that has just the perfect amount of girliness.

juju blanket

The blanket measures about 35×35 inches. The stitch I used in the middle is a half double crochet, worked through the back loops only to create a ribbed look. For the border, I did two rows of double crochet; I went with a bigger stitch so that the satin ribbon would fit through easily and lay nice. I used a diaper pin (as suggested by a friend) to weave the ribbon through the border. This got the ribbon through easily without any snags.


Although blankets are considered quite easy to make, this is actually only the first blanket I have ever completed. I’ve started many but I would always get lazy and not want to finish or I wouldn’t like the pattern and I would quit . I guess I just needed someone extra super special to come along so I could get my ass in gear. Thanks Juju for being that special someone.

5 thoughts on “A new baby and her blanket

  1. I love how the blanket turned out the matching hat is a plus. I have a feeling there may be another hat made too? She looks so precious with it on love the little flowers you created too.

  2. Elena, love the blanket and matching hat..Like your mom said I see more hats in the future. Keep up the good work cause your doing a hell of a good job! Are you ready to be a home maker? Well when you decide you’ll make a awesome one. Proud of you Elena.

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