Baby Juliana is here!

If you read this post and this post then you know my brother Ramon and his wife Tricia have been expecting their first baby. Now, I’m happy to say that time has arrived!

Last Thursday at 5:30 pm I got the call from my brother that Tricia was being admitted to the hospital. That was when the baby madness began. There were calls, texts and tweets all going back and forth. My parents just so happened to be driving down to LA, not sure when Tricia would be going into labor, but determined to be there for the birth. This would be their first grandchild and it’s been fun watching them anxiously await this time.

Friday night Dan and I got home, and knowing we would have a new niece sometime that night, we decided to celebrate a little early.
photo 1
 And then, I don’t know, maybe it was the beer, but when my brother texted me with “in between pushes saw the top of her her head. She has some dark hair” Dan and I took this picture with the caption “push Tricia push!”.
photo 2
Pictures, texts, and tweets kept us constantly in the loop but the best was definitely FaceTime. I cannot even begin to tell you what an invaluable resource FaceTime has been. Throughout the pregnancy and really ever since my brother has been in LA, we’ve communicated through FaceTime almost every week. We’ve watched each other settle into our house/apartment, get acquainted in our new jobs and we’ve even planned a baby shower/surprise wedding. But I think the FaceTime moment that takes the cake is this one.
photo 3
Being able to see my niece, within an hour after her birth on a live video feed, was nothing short of amazing. It made me feel like I was there. And it made me fall in love. Actually I can’t just speak for myself. Dan was weak in the knees too, already thinking about baby girl Jordan’s.
Juliana Bee Ramirez was born on 8/16 at 8:35 pm, 7 lbs 5 oz, 19 inches, and absolutely perfect.
photo 5
photo 4
photo 1
photo 2
 Congratulations to Ramon and Tricia. We can’t wait to meet our new niece!
Oh, and this no where near as exciting as a new baby, but I finally busted out my new sewing machine and completed my first project. I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about that.

5 thoughts on “Baby Juliana is here!

  1. Thanks for this great post celebrating our new addition. Juju can’t wait to meet her favorite aunt and uncle in a couple weeks.

  2. Elena thank you so much for documenting Juliana’s entrance into the world. Babies let us know how truly blessed all our lives are. She is so beautiful.

  3. Congratulation Tia Elena and Tio Dan! Juliana is so cute, we are very proud of the new parents. We wish then the best of luck. And can’t wait to meet her. I must say we must warn her that she is coming in to a big family, and she will be surround by lots of love.

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