A 60th Raclette Party

I just wanted to pop in today with some pictures from our raclette night on Saturday. It was a fun night filled with good food, good company and funny stories.

The reason for the celebration is this guy; my dad, and one of the main people who have inspired my DIY craving. I grew up with my dad always tinkering with something, whether it was fixing a washing machine, painting the garage, putting up a fence, or recently, turning pallet wood into works of art. My dad has always (well mostly) had a knack for looking at a picture and figuring out how to do something. And that is something I’m happy to say has been passed down. We may not always do things the “right” way but we always find a way.

On July 8th he turned 60, a milestone birthday. As a family, it was hard to really celebrate because well, we were pretty busy planning a baby shower and surprise wedding. So this past Saturday was just a little way to celebrate with some family. Plus, it was a great excuse to pull out the raclette.


And a great excuse to make a pretty table runner.


And to pull out these fancy napkins (which were made by Dan’s great grandmother).


I swear this party was about my dad.



These guys, my dad and uncles, will make you laugh until tears are falling.


And these women,my mom and aunts, have hearts made of gold, because they put up with the guys on the other side.


The food was ah-mah-zing. Potatoes with grilled meats and veggies, smothered in cheese. How can you go wrong?


And no Ramirez party is complete without some tequila. Especially tequila in himalayan salt shot glasses. I got these as a gift and they are awesome.


Yes, those are the paper pom pom’s from the baby shower. We’ve been a little slow putting things away. I think they add a little festive touch? Plus, I’m sure my dad’s favorite colors are lavender and yellow.


And that concludes another fun evening in the Silberez household. Happy birthday papa. I love you!


2 thoughts on “A 60th Raclette Party

  1. Well you did it again a beautiful table scape and great food, totally awesome people what great fun we had! Thanks we will be back for more of your effortless party making! What a blast we all had.

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