Baby Shower Wedding Surprise Part 2

If you missed the beginning, read this. After the house was completely set up, we were able to get ready for the start of the shower at 1 pm.



Well, everyone except Ramon. He and my dad stayed working hard in the backyard to get the carne asada going.



And then the guests began to arrive. Notice those cute little corsages? My mom put those together for each of the three grandma’s. My mom (first time grandma) Tricia’s Grams (great grandma) and mine and Ramon’s GrandmaLu (great grandma).

IMG_0389 IMG_0393 IMG_0417 IMG_0420 IMG_0438


And then Ramon decided to get ready. Thank you for choosing an outfit that would perfectly match the decor.


Once the house started to fill up, the food was soon ready. And a plethora of food we had.  There was a ton of delicious appetizers including: mini sandwiches, lumpia, sushi, and chili cotti. For the main food we had carne asada, rice, beans, and a bunch of different salads. And for dessert, red velvet and carrot cake cup cakes and the infamous beehive cake. A big thanks goes out to mine and Tricia’s family for preparing and providing all of the food.

IMG_0428IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0439

Since there were so many people we decided to keep most of the games pretty simple. Tricia’s friend Emily put together a really cute game called Late Night Diapers. I hope the messages on those provide lots of inspiration, or a least a little entertainment for Ramon and Tricia in the middle of the night.


We also had a guess the amount of cookies in the jar game.

cookie game

And there were two group games, which by the way, are difficult to implement with a baby shower for 80 people. In fact, it was the group games that were the catalyst for getting the wedding ceremony started.

The original plans for the surprise wedding were to get it started around 3:30 pm.  So Ramon, Tricia, and I had a meeting in a very secretive spot (the side of the house) and had to make a decision. Do we start the games or go for the wedding ceremony?They looked at each other and decided it was time to get married. It was like a go team go type of moment.

So we went as planned, gathering everyone in the backyard letting them know that Ramon wanted to get everyone together so he could say some thank you’s. This was also not the easiest task as we had one family (ahem Tio Ruben) who were trying to escape to another party. My dad tried his hardest to let them know that that if they left it would be their biggest regret in life. Ok, maybe not that harsh, but something to that effect.

Once everyone was in the backyard, my brother began with some very very heartfelt thank you’s. He expressed a lot of sincere gratitude for everyone coming and to everyone who made the day possible. I think eyes may have even started welling up then.

ramon thank you

ramon tricia thank you

Then he turned to Tricia, and told her how much he loved her, how grateful he was to have to her in his life, and for sticking by him in difficult times. He really opened up and for all of us in the crowd it was an incredibly special moment.

ramon turns to tricia

It was also a moment full of tears. As I looked around, myself and everyone else were crying. Of course I was happy, but I was also thinking “you jerk, I have to follow this!” What can I say? We’re brother and sister.

And then, what appeared to be coming, happened. Ramon dropped down to one knee and proposed to Tricia.

ramon one knee ramon one knee belly

There were gasps, there was cheering, there was clapping in the crowd. Ramon stood up and told everyone it was important to them to have all of us present at their wedding and so he asked, “When would be a good time?” And just as hoped, the crowd started yelling “now!” “today!” Ramon looked at everyone and said, “Now? Ok, let’s do it!” And everyone started yelling and cheering. To get an idea of what that moment was like, watch this video clip.

Just when I didn’t think my heart could beat any faster or harder, my brother called me up, and we let them know I would be officiating the wedding. So out I came with my “wedding-in-a-box”, filled with a bouquet, rings, their vows, and the ceremony.

elena bouquet

As I expressed in the ceremony, this was a very special day because it would be the third wedding ceremony in a row, in our family where a Ramirez family member would be officiating.  In 2011 my brother officiated mine and Dan’s wedding, in 2012, our Tio Ruben officiated my cousin Selina and Colin’s wedding, and on Saturday July 13, 2013 I got the privilege of officiating my brother and Tricia’s wedding. I guess we like to keep things in the family. And so the ceremony began.

ramon tricia elena ceremony

The exchange of rings.

ramon tricia rings 2

And the kiss that sealed the deal.

ramon tricia kiss ramon tricia hug

May I introduce, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Ramirez.

To watch a video of the ceremony, click here.

ramon tricia end

I think everyone who was there would agree it was an electrifying moment filled with so much love and happiness.

tricia and linda mama

ramon family tricia family

tricia dad tricia dad johnny ramon papa

All of the black and white photos and a few of the others were taken by Ramon and Tricia’s very talented friend Andrea. To view the rest of her photos go here. She also put together a very sweet slideshow of the ceremony and you can view that here.

Although the shock and surprise of the wedding never died down, the baby shower did continue. Shortly after, Tricia began opening presents. I think that was one of the coolest parts of the day, the fact that we didn’t have a strict schedule. The rest of the day we flopped back and forth between baby shower and wedding mode.

IMG_0450 IMG_0457 IMG_0460 IMG_0458 IMG_0452

In case you’re wondering, we did end up playing the group games. We began with the paper plate game when I saw an opportunity where I had a group who would listen to me if I yelled at them. Each person got a paper plate and a marker with the following instructions: Place the paper plate on your head and with the marker, girls draw their best portrait of Ramon and guys draw their best portrait of Tricia. Then Ramon and Tricia got to pick out the winners. Baby related? No. Funny? Yes.

The rest of the day was very casual. Ramon looks good with a wedding ring on his finger.


In the evening the crowd was dwindling down and we were already reminiscing…and celebrating with a couple shots of tequila.


And the night came to an end with Ramon and Tricia cutting their wedding cake. Tricia made that cute cake topper.



IMG_0470IMG_0477 IMG_0475IMG_0483IMG_0489

What a day. Thank you Ramon and Tricia, for letting me have a such a big role in a very special day for you. I couldn’t be any happier for both of you. You may think you have it all right now, but Dan and I are pretty lucky too. This year we get an amazing sister in law and a beautiful niece.

And as far as party planning goes, I’ve learned from the best, my mom and dad. Love you guys.

Just so I don’t end this post too sappy, I would say the real end of the night came with this. Thanks Dan for being a wonderful husband and for putting up with me and all my “ideas”.


The next few posts will include highlights and how-to’s  from the things I made for the shower/wedding. Thank you for reading! We would love to hear some of your comments also.

4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Wedding Surprise Part 2

  1. Elena and Dan thank you both for opening your hearts and home for a baby shower and wedding what a surprise. It is great to have such a wonderful family and that You Elena now have helped Ramon welcome his new family in such a wonderful eventful filled day one we will always talk about! What a brother and sister team I am so proud of you and now I have 2 sons and 2 daughters and a grand daughter to Bee here soon. When is your next event I will gladly help I mean look at what fun there is to be had around you! Welcome Tricia I hope you can feel the love from all of us!

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