Brentwood U-Pick

This Saturday we’re going to have a big celebration! I haven’t written about it because I’ve wanted most of the projects to be a surprise. But for the past couple months I’ve been planning and prepping, along with my mom, to host a baby shower for over 80 people at my house for my brother and his girlfriend. The projects I’ve been working on have been very fun and I’m excited not only for the party this Saturday but for my sweet little niece who is expected in August.
With the shower creeping up, most of this past weekend was filled with prepping the house. And as much as I love party planning, a little break was needed. Fortunately for me, my good friend Misha was inspired by Dan’s weekend of surprises and decided to surprise me also and take me out for a day of fruit picking in Brentwood. It was so much fun!
We started out at Chavez U-Pick to pick nectarines and peaches. When we got there, we grabbed our little white buckets and headed out into the field.
This is Misha next to our new friend Gabriel. Gabriel works on the farm and he was nice enough to take us around, give us a tour and help us select the best fruits.
We were happy to have Gabriel with us because he was a big fan of having us “taste” as we picked. Almost every other fruit we picked he would say “try it” and happily, we did.
IMG_1918 IMG_1920
Then we headed over to Chan’s Fruit Stand to pick strawberries. Strawberry picking is not one of Misha’s favorites, but she’s so good at it! Look at the bounty we ended up with.
When we were just about done for the day we decided to make our last stop at Dwelly Farm and picked out an assortment of vegetables and an apple cobbler at their stand.
It was a great break and a fun day filled with fruit picking and good company. Misha and I are already looking forward to our next trip out to Brentwood to explore more farms and pick new fruits that are in season. If you’re in the Bay Area and feel like picking your own fruit, check out

2 thoughts on “Brentwood U-Pick

  1. Love the post!  Brentwood U-Pick is wonderful.  We’ve gone for peaches and they are so good right off the tree.

    Farmer’s market is the next best thing!      ( in Concord at the plaza, Thursdays 4pm to 8pm)      Nanc

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