An organized pantry

an organized pantry

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A few months ago I decided to do a complete pantry makeover. I was seeing all of these pretty and organized pantries on different blogs and I was so jealous. Check out some of these beauties where I got a little inspiration.

The Sunny Side Up Blog

IMG_8872copy for blog2

IHeart Organizing


I honestly never thought I was capable of creating such organization anywhere, let alone the pantry. But after pinning quite a few pictures and reading several different blog posts, I was able to tackle this project successfully. And the 5 tips below are what really helped me the most.

5 tips

  1. Remove all items from boxes and packages and put in bins or baskets with other like items. This one makes a huge difference for us. Boxes that contain granola bars, juices, applesauce or whatever, are bulky and inevitably go empty and get left inside the pantry and create clutter. Or at least, that’s what would always happen with us.
  2. Put your cans where you can see them. Get one or two of those can organizers like this one or if you’re feeling crafty, follow this tutorial. Being able to see your canned goods without having to stack them on top of each other or behind each other, is a miracle. For me it saves frustration and helps to prevent overbuying.
  3. Label label label. However you want to. The idea here is just to categorize. Make pretty labels on your computer, use a label maker, use scotch tape and a sharpie or put a strip of chalkboard paint on your containers. Labeling makes it easier for everyone in your household to find things and put them back where they belong.
  4. Boxes, bins, baskets and containers are your best friends. Not only do they help to corral like items but they make it easier to clean. When you’re wiping down a shelf, instead of having to move each bottle, can or whatever one by one you can grab one whole bin and move a bunch of items at once. They also create a cleaner look and will make you want to breathe a sigh of relief. My favorite places to get bins and baskets for the pantry are the dollar store, dollar section in target, ross, or making my own with an old cardboard box and contact paper.
  5. Make it aesthetically pleasing. It’s easier to keep any space organized if you find it nice to look at. Try different contact paper, get creative with your labels, put up art, or splurge on some nice containers.

So I got started. But I was so anxious to get started that I forgot to get a real before picture. I would say this is about halfway into beginning the project. Trust me, it was a complete mess.


The first thing I did was pull everything out until I had a completely empty pantry. And that made the rest of the house look like this.

pantry clutter

Asides from the mess, another problem I was having was everything kept sticking to the shelves. I’m not sure if the wrong paint was used on the shelves or if that’s just completely normal but either way I needed some type of lining to prevent the sticking. So I went to Target and grabbed a couple rolls of pretty contact paper.


I decided to go with the light green and white paper to line the shelves so I measured, cut, and applied all the pieces.


When it came time to putting things back in, I carefully went through all the items and recycled all empty boxes, trashed any expired items and then began to group like items together.

And here’s how my pantry turned out. Ahhhh much better, but it was still a work in progress.


As time went by, I slowly made more changes. And here is what my pantry looks like today.

pantry after

So let’s go through things with a little more detail shall we?

Bins and baskets
Most of the bins came from the dollar store. I love the dollar store for simple and cheap organizing. The baskets came from Target and Ross. And some of the bins, like this one that holds the paper towels, I made by taking a cardboard box, cutting off the top, and then wrapping in contact paper.



For the most part I use two different kinds of containers – these from Ikea and these Oxo Pop Containers. The pop containers were definitely a splurge but I think they do a great job of keeping food like flour, pasta and rice, safe and fresh for a long time.

IMG_0138 IMG_0142

I kept the labels pretty simple, using two different kinds: plain white ones from my label maker and pretty chalkboard labels from Michaels. I used my label maker for items that are more permanent like, snacks, condiments, and granola bars, and the chalkboard labels for containers that could change like flours, sugar, pasta, and cereals.

IMG_0131 IMG_0141

Pantry Anatomy

This is going to be different for everyone but for us what works well is dividing the shelves into categories. For example, Dan and I eat breakfast and lunch at work during the week so we have one shelf that is dedicated to those meals with baskets and bins labeled for snacks, cereals…ect. That makes it easy for us to pack up in the mornings. And you might look at the veggies and medicine label and wonder what’s going on there. The veggies are root vegetables like potatoes and the medicine, well I just like to keep it in the pantry. It’s more convenient then the medicine cabinet in our upstairs bathroom. The rest you can see below.

pantry anatomy 1

pantry anatomy 2

So that’s our pantry and those are the tips we use to keep it organized. Let me know what you think! Do you have any organizing projects going on?

Oh and it’s finally my birthday. Happy 30th to me!

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16 thoughts on “An organized pantry

  1. It looks absolutely lovely! Great job adding the pretty shelf liner. The clear containers are always a fav of mine but what I love most is that you grouped like items together. High fives to you! So happy you shared!

  2. I love all the new things you are teaching me. The pantry looks great and now your father wants to build us one but where? I am finally going to say good by to my Tupperware and get the see through containers. Love all you have done so proud of you my daughter!

  3. Your pantry looks amazing! Great tips. Can’t wait to get started on mine now. Would you mind sharing where you got the clear green baskets that have the little handle on them? I love them and can’t seem to find anything similar.

  4. Awesome job! Can you tell me where you found the green baskets with the handle? I’ve been trying to fine them and I can’t! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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