Ringing in 30

celebrating 30

A lot of people have a hard time turning 30 but I’m actually looking forward to it. I have so much to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to. I have an amazing family, a wonderful husband and a mother and father in law who love me so much they threw me a 30th birthday pool party this weekend!

Anyone who knows my in laws, Nancy and Bruce, know they definitely don’t skip on details. There were decorations galore, any kind of drink you would want, and not only delicious food but more than plenty to go around. Here are some pictures from the day.

30 party collage one

30 party collage 2

And here are some of the decorations Nancy made.

30 party collage 3

I’m in love with the tablecloths. A sewing machine is on my list of tools/machines that I don’t know how to use but I really really want. Look at how cute they turned out! Made out of HGTV outdoor fabric, they’re sturdy, attractive and will last a long time. I plan on stealing this one.

outdoor tablecloth 2

Nancy, you sure know how to throw a girl a good party.


And technically, I’m not 30 yet. So everyone gets to hear me talk about my birthday AGAIN next week.

2 thoughts on “Ringing in 30

  1. Elena, you’re a doll!! We are so grateful to have you in our family and your family in our family. It was a great party, but the partying will continue through the week for you. Hope Dan takes you to somewhere special. Enjoy it all. Hugs & kisses N

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