A Father’s Day tribute

Is it too late to write about Father’s Day? I don’t think so! Dan and I have had some pretty busy weekends lately and that trend will continue for the next month. So today I’m  going to catch up a little and write two posts – Father’s Day and my 30th birthday party.

I’m a sucker for surprises, particularly surprising others. So the idea of taking our dad’s out last Saturday and not telling them where we were going or what we were doing, was thrilling…for me, and hopefully them too.

As much as I like surprising others, I’m not very good at being surprised. I think I have too much of a curious mind. I’ll try and guess what we’re doing and where we’re going and I ask a ton of questions, secretly trying to figure things out. And you know what? Now I know where I get that from – my dad. From the moment I told him to set aside June 15, I just knew the wheels in his head were turning and he would probably start googling events on that day (that’s what I would do). And even a few days before June 15 he did guess right when he said, “I know where we’re going. Is it the A’s game? It’s beer fest…”  BUT the disappointed look on his face when I told him “No, sorry” let me know I was back in the power seat. Why would I say yes? Silly dad!

We picked up Dan’s dad, Bruce, around 11:30 am. He came with a lovely care package provided by his lovely wife, Nancy, which included: sunscreen, a jacket, pants, 2 hats, cookies, more cookies, trail mix, and more cookies. I think we had enough to feed our section at the game.

We then headed over to my parents house to pick up my dad. When we got there, we gave them both their presents, which would reveal where we were going.


And ta-da! An A’s game, with a beer fest, and matching t-shirts.


Although you can’t see it, Dan and I were matching as well.


And since we didn’t realize until that day that the game didn’t start until 4:05 and we were ready to go at 12:00, we had time to grab lunch first.

IMG_0745 IMG_0744

We had a fun lunch and then headed over to the coliseum a little early to partake in the beer fest festivities. It. Was. Crowded. But what do you know, a couple beers down and suddenly the crowd isn’t so bad.


The sun was shining outside and we had nice seats on the first level along the 1st base line. The game? Oh that sucked. The A’s lost 0 – 4. But hey, my dad made a 4 year old friend, picked up a wonderful penny story, and Bruce got to hang out with this guy.


And that is the kind of quality entertainment Dan and I provide.

5 thoughts on “A Father’s Day tribute

  1. That was very nice of you, considering how long it must have taken you to save up from your “minimum wage job” to treat Papa — and that’s only a tidbit from the penny story, for those who are curious.

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  3. How cute was that mija..Boy you and Dan really do well planning things out. What a cute couple you two are.

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