The Silberez Kitchen Part II

On Wednesday you got to see how our kitchen came alive from the time it was bare boned. Now I’m going to show you how our kitchen looks and functions today.

One of the first projects I wanted to tackle when we moved in was adding handles to the cabinets. To me, handles or knobs make cabinets easier to open and are a quick way to update the look in the kitchen, especially if you’re not too wild about your cabinet color, which we’re not. Although out of the three color options we were given, this was the best. Down the road though, way way way down the road, we would like to paint the cabinets a different color, maybe white. But back to the handles. We went with these Amerock ones that we ordered through Amazon.


This was also my first time getting to use my favorite tool – my drill. We also used a template. Templates make installing handles or knobs a breeze!

Another thing we really wanted was pendant lights over the island. We had the builders prewire the lights so all we my dad had to do was install the lights we picked out. And here’s how they turned out.


So remember what the kitchen looked like before?


Here’s how it looks now.


IMG_0843 IMG_0818 IMG_0803 IMG_0791 IMG_0790



And as you walk through the kitchen into the butlers pantry, here’s what that looks like.





Oh and I love this bottle that hangs out in the window sill. At our wedding, each table had a wine bottle with this picture and it was a surprise for Dan and I. My cousin took two photos of us from the same age and in a similar pose and photoshopped us together.


With so many cabinets, we’re still trying to figure out where to place everything to make the kitchen the most efficient, but here’s what we’ve done so far.

kitchen organization

And in the butlers pantry, here’s where things are. It’s a small, but popular area. I think you can see why.

butlers pantry organization

There you have it. That’s our kitchen. The pantry also plays a big role in the kitchen but that area is so involved it deserves it’s own post. The pantry is probably the most organized space in our entire house (with lots of labels Misha). So if you need any pantry inspiration, come back next week to see how we get the most out of our space.

4 thoughts on “The Silberez Kitchen Part II

  1. My goodness Elena I love what you’ve done with the kitchen but I am soo jealous you have a butlers pantry. I want that! Great job picking out those pendant lights they really showcase the island. So proud of the two of you, and Carlos did a great job on the wine bottle pictures!

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