Everything’s better with cheese

Raclette! I love you. What’s a party without raclette? And what is raclette? I’m still having a hard time figuring out how to use it in a sentence. It’s a cheese, a meal, and a grill. I think I’m over thinking this. Anyway, it involves melting cheese, grilling meats and veggies and then smashing all that together with boiled potatoes. Sounds odd but its absolutely delectable.

So about a month ago my good friend Misha and I decided, “let’s have a raclette and game night party” And in my efforts to be efficient, I decided to tack on my 30th birthday, which is at the end of this month. So the evite went out “Misha and El’s Raclette/Game night/ Elena’s 30th” But definitely, the focus of the night was the raclette.

raclette party

A raclette party was meant to be. Misha has a raclette grill and I have one too. And I have one because Misha has one.  I decided to pressure Dan into getting me one as a gift after having raclette one time at Misha’s house. I love kitchen gadgets and appliances. I have to have them. But I don’t like clutter. I just want one of everything. Ice cream maker? Juicer? Panini press? Oh yeah, those are in my cabinets.

So back to the party. Misha came over early and we got to prepping – chopping the veggies, boiling the potatoes, grating the cheese, and laying out the meat. Once everyone arrived, we had a beautiful spread. But, you can’t see that spread because I did a horrible job of taking pictures. So I’ll try to describe what the raclette food set up looked like. We had:

  • Grated Swiss, Monterrey Jack, and Mexican cheese (yes there is actually a block at Safeway that is just labeled “Mexican”)
  • 15 lbs boiled potatoes (this was a party for 16)
  • 4 different types of dried/cured meat – salami, peppered salami, prosciutto, and coppa
  • Chopped onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms

Funny how I didn’t get a picture of the food but I did manage to get a picture of the water table. How sad. But isn’t it pretty?

water table

Once we got the food on the table and we started cooking, this is how things turned out.

raclette party 2

Remember how I was so excited about my dining room in this post? This was the first night we got to use the new table! I like the enthusiasm.


With 16 people we had to use our other dining table also. Excuse the poor poor quality of this picture. I blame it on the wine. And despite the look on his face here, I do think Dan enjoyed himself that night.

raclette party 3

We had wine, we had water in fancy glasses, we had cheese smothered on everything, and we had Tupac radio on Pandora playing in the background. Now that’s a party.

Have you had any fun parties lately? Are there any gadgets you want/need/have to have?

6 thoughts on “Everything’s better with cheese

  1. wow I want to know how do I get on the next invite list? oh that’s ok I like reading and seeing the pictures but I wish I could have smelled it all!

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