Tying up loose ends

Literally. One of my cousins who was over my house this weekend (you know who you are) gave me a little nudge to start finishing some projects, so I spent Sunday going through my “unfinished crocheted items drawer”.




Then I picked out two pieces and got started. But before I start talking about the projects, here’s a little something you should know about me and crochet.

My least favorite part of crocheting is the end. I hate weaving in the ends, especially when there’s been a color change. I like to say (I probably shouldn’t use the word like in this sentence) that I can’t read.  Following patterns or doing anything that might be efficient in crochet, is not my strong point. No, I’d rather just stare at a picture and try to “figure it out”. That method, which is currently my only method, can be hit or miss. A lot of times I’ll feel like I nailed it, and something came out great like these fingerless gloves, but when I try to do that same project again, I get frustrated because I didn’t follow a pattern and didn’t write down what I did (maybe because I can’t follow patterns and don’t know what to write? Haha)

So what this means to anyone who might get something crocheted from me, is that whatever piece it is, is truly one of a kind. And probably has a few mistakes.

But I’m a changin’ my ways, slowly, one step at a time. Next time I’m changing colors, I’m going to follow the Grange Range tip that she posts here. I’m so proud of myself.

Ok so back to my two projects I finished. The first one is a blue and gold Cal/Warriors beanie, which I made for my cousin’s husband, Colin, 2 years ago. I actually gave it to him 4 weeks ago, and then took it back because I needed to finish it. I’m an amazing gift giver.


Colin, you will now be getting your beanie back…finished.

IMG_0667 IMG_0692

The second is this lovely cowl.


All that needed to be done was weave in the ends and add buttons.

IMG_0676 IMG_0678

And then of course, I had to model it.


Oooo la la. Doesn’t it look great with an orange tank top?

Soooo what do you think? Is it definitely time I start reading patterns?

And to all the crocheters out there, do you have any crochet pet peeves?

9 thoughts on “Tying up loose ends

  1. Okay so I may be the only one in the family who does not have an original beanie for my head. I know I never seem to wear them, hmm maybe if I had one I would in a nice cream color with green buttons.

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