Creating 4 arrangements from 1 bouquet of roses

A month and a half ago I had to go through some rigorous testing to become a certified health coach (which I just found out this week I passed everything and am now certified! Yay!) After my first test, my wonderful friend and coworker Jane, surprised me with a huge bouquet of roses.

I was having a dinner party that weekend so I was hoping to find a creative way to  use the bouquet, rather than just place it in the middle of the table.

So I gathered two chevron tins, which I had gotten a few months back from the dollar section in Target…
this green tin, which had flowers from my birthday last year…


and this little glass bottle which was once filled with Trader Joes yellow curry…


I cut the stems and arranged the roses in the chevron tins like so.
flowers in chevron tin blurred roses in chevron tin

Then I filled the glass bottle.

flowers in a bottle

When it came to filling the green tin, I remembered I had wanted to try this idea from Pinterest to make the arrangement even and full. I kind of wished I did that with the other tins but oh well.

flowers in green tin

And there you have it! Four different floral displays from one bouquet of roses.

flowers in collage

You like? What do you do when you get flowers?

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