Gettin’ the home tour party started

Everyday I look at this blog, I see the Home Tour page and I get a little anxious. All it says when you click on it is “coming soon!”. It’s been worrying me about how long I might let that page stay empty. I can’t sleep at night, I can barely function at work, and I’m sure the same thing is happening to you. So I’m going to put an end to our misery and get this page started.

Since the dining room happens to be cleanest room in our house right now, I’m going to start there. What I haven’t shared yet is before the house, Dan and I lived in a 650 sq ft, very inefficient condo. It had ONE closet. No hall closet, no linen closet. Just one in the bedroom. Even my old 385 sq ft apartment had two closets. But anyway, I digress. What I’m trying to say about the condo is since it was lacking in space, we had a teeny dining room table that only sat 4. There is a leaf attachment but since there wasn’t any room, we left the leaf out. And when we moved into our new home, we both got excited because we had plenty of room for the leaf.


I think the idea of adding the leaf was more exciting then how it actually turned out. The room was too big for the table AND, in a 2,500 sq ft home, we didn’t have a place to seat more than 4 people for a meal. This bugged the hell out of me. But apparently not that much because the next step in the dining room was putting up curtains.



And then, just last month, Cost Plus World Market became my hero. I had my eye on the Romeo Dining Table that was originally $799 then marked down to $350 because it had been discontinued. I waited for the friends and family 25% off coupon and was able to pick up the table for only $262. It’s still hard to tell what I like more: the table itself or the price I paid.

The table is 80 inches long and I have to admit when we first put the box on the floor I thought it might be too big.


But once we got it out and started building, it looked like it was going to fit just right.

IMG_1578 IMG_1577

Yes, that is my foot in the picture. Dan rarely puts furniture together so I had to sit back and enjoy it. Then pretty soon, the table looked like this. Sorry this picture is so bright. It was taken on my iphone and I don’t feel like editing.


The next thing we did was pick out chairs. We went with these cream upholstered chairs for the ends and these white wooden chairs for the sides.



And finally, here is our dining room now. We can seat 8 people and I couldn’t be happier.

IMG_0488 IMG_0485 IMG_0486


There are two things I still want to do to this room.

1) Add trim around the windows

2) Either change out the chandelier or spray paint it.

Let me know what you think! Any ideas for the chandelier???

6 thoughts on “Gettin’ the home tour party started

  1. So, after you said we were in the same place, I wanted to check out how things were coming along in your dining room, and our set ups are SO SIMILAR! its Crazy! We have almost those same end cap chairs at our dark dining room table, and I think I have place mats similar to that (are they from pier 1)? And then we have similar, unattractive light fixtures in the rooms now! So crazy, can’t wait to see how you finish up the space!

    • How funny! I can’t wait to see yours. The placemats are from bed bath and cost plus. I do love pier one though! We have a new build house and that boring light fixture came with it. We’ll see what I do!

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