Menu planning madness

In Wednesday’s post I talked about how I wanted to add a hook so I could hang my newly crocheted towel to the bottom of the shelf. Well I did that today and here’s how it turned out.

chalkboard collage

Ooooo so different I know. You can only erase chalk from a chalkboard painted surface with something wet and preferably a little soapy. I don’t always feel like using water AND  soap (just to make it clear that’s for chalkboard erasing only) so usually I’ll just erase with a wet towel and will actually clean the board with soap and water every couple weeks. Having that towel nearby will make my menu planning simpler and will allow me to use less paper towels. Ta dah!

I also mentioned my super awesome menu planning binder. I love this thing! Which I admit is slightly embarrassing. But it is helpful. And since I haven’t really made good use of it the past couple of weeks I decided to dress up the printouts that are inside. Maybe if it’s prettier I’ll want to plan our meals better?  So here’s how that turned out.

worksheet planner collage

So the process goes like this: I fill out the printable, go shopping, then write the weekly menu up on the board. Is the last step really necessary? Uhhhh probably not. But it looks like nice. If you feel like testing out the printable and seeing if it works for you, here it is.

Now I’m going to have a glass of wine while Dan probably cleans up his pretty shoes. Always a lot of Friday night fun here.

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