Kitchen menu nook

A few months ago I found myself staring at this one area of our kitchen. It was blank and looked lonely.


After scouring google images and Pinterest (my usual go to for getting ideas) I had a vision to make it an area for a weekly menu board. So I gathered all the pieces I needed to get it started.

– 23  x 4 in white crown molding shelf from Home Depot
– bistro sign from home goods
– 22 x 28 in canvas which I had repurposed and painted with chalkboard paint

I had my cute helper, who was also sick that day, help with the positioning.


And here’s how it turned out. When I’m on top of my game, I use it to write our dinners out for the week. When I don’t use it, my world falls apart. Well not exactly. But it certainly has helped to make our meals more efficient and nutritious.


These past couple weeks our meal planning has taken a backseat to other top secret projects (which I’ll reveal after July 13). That means two things. 1) We’re eating out way too often and 2) Dan gets to go grocery shopping (hello cupcakes and cinnamon bread).

To make the menu board a little more appealing, I’ve decided to add an area to hang a cute little towel to make it easier to erase. So tonight I crocheted this little guy.


And tomorrow I’ll be back to show the finished area PLUS how I use this awesome binder to get my meal planning and grocery shopping started.


Nothing but fun and exciting times in the Silberez household!

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen menu nook

  1. Don’t forget about the corn and spinach..

    I think Sonia and I would do a fine job grocery shopping! Too bad McDonalds isn’t sold in grocery stores..

  2. What a cute ideal. Love what you did with your space. I think your ideal works better than having a abstract painting. Sorry about the painting;(

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